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"On-line Measurement of Resource Management"
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Many approaches to resource allocation in multimedia networks and end-systems assume the behaviour of users is known. This method of analysis is flawed, however, since the behaviour of multimedia traffic is poorly understood, applications change rapidly, and behaviour can change drastically under user control.

The Measure Project is a 3 year effort commencing in October 1995 which will examine the technique of on-line measurement, rather than modelling, to provide information to resource management systems.

The technique will be applied to three distinct but related domains:

  • Public ATM networks (based at Telia Research)
  • Local area ATM networks (based on Fairisle at Cambridge)
  • The operating system in end-user computers (based on operating systems developed as part of Pegasus in Cambridge)
The goal is to develop measurement techniques and show their utility. We also hope to use the technique to unify resource management across the three domains.

The work is based on the theory of Large Deviation Theory, which is introduced in this tutorial. This approach has a direct analogy with measurement of the thermodynamic entropy of a gas to determine its bulk properties. The Entropic project is using theory developed by this project. Some information about Measure and Entropic can be found on the Glasgow Server.

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Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) (and their Measure page).
Telia Research.
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Systems Research Group.

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General Information:

The following documents are available:


Slides from a presentation describing the project is available online, or as a gzipped postscript file, (500K).



Data for a video sink application test is available from the Computer Lab ftp server, at

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