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Bypassing Modelling: an Investigation of Entropy as a Traffic Descriptor in the Fairisle ATM network (101K)
Simon Crosby, Ian Leslie, John T. Lewis, Neil O'Connell, Raymond Russell, and Fergal Toomey
Proceedings 12th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium (UKTS 1995), February 1995
Bypassing Modelling: Further Investigations of Entropy as a Traffic Descriptor in the Fairisle ATM network (64K)
Simon Crosby, Meriel Huggard, Ian Leslie, John T. Lewis, Fergal Toomey, and Cormac Walsh
Proceedings Proceedings WATM'95 First Workshop on ATM Traffic Management
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, Paris, December 1995
Predicting bandwidth requirements of ATM and Ethernet traffic (77K)
Simon Crosby, Ian Leslie, Meriel Huggard, J. T. Lewis, Brian McGurk, and Raymond Russell
Proceedings 13th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium (UKTS 1996), February 29, 1996
Exploring the Queueing Behaviour of {ATM} Switches (50K)
Nils Bjorkman, Alexander Latour, Aziz Miah, Simon Crosby, Ian Leslie, John Lewis, Raymond Russell and Fergal Toomey
Proceedings Performance '96, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
(Also appears as a special edition of the Journal Performance Evaluation (Springer Verlag))
Practical Connection Admission Control for ATM Networks Based on On-line Measurements (110K)
Simon Crosby, Ian Leslie, John Lewis, Raymond Russell, Fergal Toomey and Brian McGurk
Proceedings IEEE ATM '97, June 1997, Lisbon
Predicting QoS Parameters for ATM Traffic using Shape Function Estimation (71K)
Cormac Walsh and Nick Duffield
Proceedings 14th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium (UKTS 1997), February, 1997
Measurement Based Resource Allocation for Multimedia Applications (128K)
Paul Barham, Simon Crosby, Tim Granger, Neil Stratford, Meriel Huggard and Fergal Toomey
Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN), 1998
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Workpackage 1

Task 1.1 Deliverable: Traffic Characterisation Report (145K)
June 29, 1997
Task 1.2 Deliverable: Comparison of Estimators (41K)
Task 1.3 Deliverable: Comparison of Methodologies (120K)
Workpackage 2
Task 2.1 Deliverable:Queue-Server Paradigm for ATM WANs (122K)
DIAS, Telia
May 3 1996
Task 2.2 Deliverable: Characterisation of WAN ATM Traffic (437K)
DIAS, Telia
Task 2.3 Deliverable: Development of Estimators for WAN ATM Traffic (400K)
DIAS, Telia
July 4, 1997
Task 2.4.1 Deliverable: Realisation of Estimators in Wide Area ATM Networks (96K)
DIAS, Telia
Task 2.4.2 Deliverable: Performance Evaluation (160K)
DIAS, Telia
April 12, 1999
Workpackage 3
Task 3.1 Deliverable:Verifying the Queue-Server Paradigm for the Fairisle ATM Switch (47K)
DIAS, Cambridge
April 17 1996
Task 3.2 Deliverable: Characterisation of Local Area Network ATM Traffic (297K)
DIAS, Cambridge
Fri Oct 11 17:21:56 BST 1996
Task 3.3 Deliverable: Development of Estimators for LAN ATM Traffic (177K)
Cambridge, DIAS
Mon Jan 20 12:17:58 GMT 1997
Task 3.4 Deliverable: Realisation of Estimators (173K)
November 6, 1997
Task 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 Deliverables: Performance Evaluation - Controlled Traffic and Demonstration and Evaluation (304K)
April, 1999
Workpackage 4
Task 4.1 Deliverable: Verifying the Queue-Server Paradigm for the Nemesis Multimedia Operating System (125K)
DIAS, Cambridge
Thu Dec 12 14:31:13 GMT 1996
Task 4.2 Deliverable: Traffic Characterisation within the Nemesis Operating System (231K)
DIAS, Cambridge
July 2, 1997
Task 4.3 Deliverable: Development of Estimators for Nemesis (66K)
DIAS, Cambridge
January, 1998
Task 4.4.1 Deliverable: Realisation of Estimators for Nemesis (47kb)
October 16, 1998
Task 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 Deliverables: Evaluation and Demonstration of Estimators for Nemesis (408kb)
April, 1999
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Large deviations in queueing networks (54K)
Neil O'Connell, DIAS
May 1994; revised April 1995
The Entropy of Traffic Streams in ATM Virtual Circuits (55K)
Nina T. Plotkin and Pravin P. Varaiya
In IEEE Infocom June 1994
Quick Detection of Changes in Traffic Statistics: Application to Variable Rate Compression (63K)
Ivy Hsu and Jean Walrand
September 1994
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for ATM Switches (69K)
Ivy Hsu and Jean Walrand
February 1995
The Entropy of Cell Streams as a Traffic Descriptor in ATM Networks (83K)
N. T. Plotkin and C. Roche
In IFIP Performance of Communication Systems October 1995
The Importance of Long-Range Dependence of VBR Video Traffic in ATM Traffic Engineering: Myths and Realities (111K)
Bong K. Ryu and Anwar Elwalid
Sigcomm 96
Wavelet Based Resource Alloocation in ATM Networks (219K)
Patrick Drosz
Globecom 97
Techniques for Adaptive Estimation of Effective Bandwidth in ATM Networks (220K)
R.A. Vesilo and V. Solo
Globecom 97
Heavy Tails and Teletraffic Data (225K)
H. Resnick
Cornell University

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