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Research Overview
Ongoing Projects
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The project involves support and collaboration with a number of commercial organisations:

  • Mobile Network Operators

  • Vodafone is providing mobile network infrastructure. This gives access to the commercial GPRS service from April 2001, and to an experimental UMTS 3G network from July 2001 which should have half a dozen base stations by the end of December 2001.
  • Microsoft is providing Windows CE and related development tools and platforms.
  • Handset manufacturers

  • Ericsson is providing GPRS handsets with Bluetooth support.
  • Handset platform developers
  • Hewlett Packard is providing Pocket PCs.
  • Socket Communications is providing Bluetooth equipment.
  • Positioning Systems, Geographical Information Systems, Transport Authorities
  • The Cambridgeshire County Council is liaising over intelligent public transport systems for CambridgeShire.
  • Computations and Storage Vendors and Applications Service Providers
  • COMS Research Students are supported by grants from Sun Microsystems, Benchmark Capital, AT&T Research Labs, Microsoft Research and the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

We do welcome offers of further support. Contact: []