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Carbon Commute

iPhone App

The carbon commute iPhone app allows users to track their route to and from work, upload this information to their locker and use applications that access this information to calculate metrics such as the Carbon Footprint of their commute.

From the main screen, users can upload any commute data stored on the phone, turn off logging, and access information about their current commutes, as well as access the settings menu. This allows you to enter your username and password, set your home and work locations as well as restrict logging to typical commuting times and lengths.

Getting & Using The App

To use the app you must have a locker account setup with a username and password. To use the app on your device, you may connect the device to a mac which has access to the source code, and use Xcode to setup, provision and then install the application. Alternatively you may use a service such as TestFlight to distribute the application.

Currently, users can request to install copies of the app by visiting

Note: the app will communicate with any endpoint configured to accept HTTP POST requests, and will attempt to send a JSON array representation of the commute data to the URL specified in the app's settings. The user name and password are used to authenticate to the remote server using HTTP Basic Access Authentication.