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Arm Morello return programme

The Arm Morello board, produced as part of the UKRI Digital Security by Design programme, is a prototype CHERI-enabled Arm board distributed to UK research labs, universities, and companies, as well as other interested parties, starting in 2021. There is significant demand for Morello boards, which are part of a limited production run, and as some board recipients wrap up projects, it is possible to return boards for reuse by others. The University of Cambridge operates an Arm Morello Return Programme, receiving boards and helping to find new homes for them. For example, they might be used to replace failed boards across the dozens of companies and universities participating in DSbD, used in Cambridge as part of our remote-access Morello cluster, or be loaned to other organisations spinning up new research projects or working on open source for Morello. It is not yet clear how many boards will be returned via this programme, and the procedures we follow, and distribution strategies we pursue, will depend on the actual number of boards we receive.

Return procedure

Cambridge requests that you contact us via email to arrange a board return, and we will provide shipping directions and other preparation information.

We request that your remove any proprietary, personally identifying (e.g., protected by GDPR), or otherwise sensitive data from your Morello system before shipping. You can blank any disks in the machine, or remove the disks and let us know that we will need to replace them before the board can be reused. We will assume that you have completed the removal of any data before we receive the board.

If possible, we would appreciate your using the original Arm packing material to ship the box back, and that you insure the box suitably, as we cannot take any responsibility for damage in shipping.

On receiving the board, we will perform some basic validation that it works, ensure it has the latest firmware, and then look to allocate the board for reuse.