Mohamed Ali Teffahi (alumni)
User ID:mat39
Position:CPGS Student
E-mail:mat39 [at]
Homepage: /~mat39
Office:SN21, LCE, William Gates
College:Hughes Hall
Lab phone:01223767021
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Overview and Interests

Software Defined, and Cognetive Radio.

DSP and ASIC implementation of communication blocks for fixed broadband wireless access (IEEE 802.16 standard family).

MIMO, Cooperation and Coding for Wireless Communication From theory to Implementation.

MIMONET: Advances MIMO Techniques for Communication networks Vertical MIMO: Cross-Layer Optimisation in Sensor Adhoc Netoworks.

Horizontal MIMO.

- MIMO techniques in DSL lines (Multi-carrier DMT) - MIMO techniques in cellular networks (Multi-Antenna, Multi-User, Multi-Cell communication) - MIMO techniques over Multi-Model Fibre Optics

Publications - Show all

1. Mohamed Ali Teffahi, "MIMONET: Advanced MIMO techniques for Communication Networks," Presentation, May 2006