Current Weather Snapshot

Note: if the wind speed is zero, the wind direction (if shown) is that when the wind was last blowing.

Cambridge Computer Laboratory Rooftop Weather at 12:23 PM on 26 May 24:

Temperature:  15.9 C
Pressure:     1000 mBar
Humidity:     86 %
Dewpoint:     13.5 C
Wind:         0 knots 
Sunshine:     0.2 hours (today)
Rainfall:     5.2 mm since midnight

Summary:      very humid, mild, calm, 15.9 C

Current weather:

At 12:23 - very humid, mild, calm, 15.9 C

The dials show the current Cambridge weather readings, as taken on the roof of our building by the Computer Laboratory Weather Station. Also available as:


Archive data since 1995

Data quality and uses.

This is an amateur-maintained weather station. At the moment, we strongly advise against using the data here in statistical analysis without prior cleaning and calibration using other sources. It would be easy to draw incorrect conclusions otherwise, because:

  • Observations are not gathered in similar conditions to ones used by the Met Office.
  • Our sensors are not calibrated against references.
  • Some sensors have been changed over time with ones working on different principles (see implementation).
  • Data contains inaccuracies, and the documented list is not exhaustive.

Most of those issues can be corrected for, by pre-processing the raw data. However, we have not yet released any quality-controlled dataset.

Other info


A new feedback email address will be enabled soon. In the meantime please note that we are working to improve the functionality and reliability of the weather station.