Sören Preibusch (alumni)
User ID:sdp36
Position:PhD Approved
College:Hughes Hall
Overview and Interests

I am a UK based German researcher interested in the entire lifecycle of privacy policy negotiations and their deployment in various application scenarios including electronic market interactions, online social networking, and the mobile Web. Privacy policies are the standard way to communicate data handling practices on the Web, describing who will process which information for which purposes. In my research, I have shown that inflexible privacy policies scare potential customers away and result in lost opportunities for companies. Flexible, that is negotiable privacy policies overcome this economically and pragmatically detrimental inflexibility; a suitable individual policy is negotiated. By moving from static, compulsory data collection to stimulated, incentivised data revelation, customers' privacy concerns and data protection can be turned from a business impediment into a competitive advantage. I back my theoretical findings through empirical work, including experiments in the lab and in the field, and use game-theoretic modelling of the economics of privacy. [publications]


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2. Alastair Beresford, Soren Preibusch, Dorothea Kubler, "Unwillingness to Pay for Privacy: A Field Experiment," Technical Report, 5017, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Jun 2010

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