Kam Sanmugalingam (alumni)
User ID:ks286
Position:PhD Approved
Overview and Interests

I am a member of the QoSDREAM group. My supervisors/advisors are Prof.Hopper, Prof.Coulouris & Dr.Vinnicombe. I am looking into the problem of conflict resolution in location sensor data fusion, but later on will delve into control/stability issues of location data for the main research. I'm also playing around with merging event-driven simulation, queuing models, velocity models, cellular/hybrid automata, etc for generating simulated location events for generic vehicles (including people). This work may also be used for British Airways' Terminal 5 research into crowd control and efficient Ground Service Equipment (anything that can't fly, eg baggage trucks) deployment.


1. Kam Sanmugalingam, "Ultrasound Location Estimation for Sentient Computing," PhD thesis, University of Cambridge, Sep 2007

2. Kam Sanmugalingam, George Coulouris, "A Generic Location Event Simulator," Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2002), series LNCS, vol. 2498, pp. 308-315, Springer-Verlag, Sep 2002