Evan E Mella (alumni)
User ID:eem27
Position:PhD Approved
Overview and Interests
Efficient and practical codes for high-rate wireless systems are achievable. An investigation into precoding at the transmitter, and detection processing techniques at the receiver for broadband wireless systems is conducted. Novel stochastic and systematic signal structures (codes) based on simultaneous perturbation and Pairwise Error Probability (PEP) criteria are proposed. These techniques allow construction of the most effective codes to date for MIMO-OFDM systems. In addition, new detection techniques at the receiver to improve the performance of Linear detection methods are investigated. Linear detection methods, e.g., Zero forcing perform poorly when MIMO channels are poorly conditioned, i.e., when the signal structures matrix models have low condition number. Appropriate re-structuring of the receive signal search space minimises the error rate, and ultimately improves the system's performance.

1. Evan E. Mella, "Transmitter Precoding and Receiver Processing for Broadband Wireless Systems," PhD thesis, Oct 2007

2. Evan Mella, Ian J. Wassell, "Efficient Stochastic LASF codes for MIMO-OFDM Systems," The 3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), Valencia, Spain, Sep 2006