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Cambridge 2 Cambridge (C2C) is a two-part international cybersecurity challenge between MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and the University of Cambridge. C2C will engage participants to explore creative ways to combat increased global cyber attacks, influence policy trends and develop products unimaginable until now!

The event will be held at MIT’s Ray and Maria Stata Center in Cambridge, MA, hosted by MIT’s CyberSecurity@CSAIL to support initiatives advancing cybersecurity technologies. C2C will feature a team-based ‘capture-the-flag’ style hackathon where students from MIT and the University of Cambridge will compete in a 24-hour session at CSAIL beginning at 5pm on March 4, 2016. Blended teams will be formed by faculty leads from MIT CSAIL and the University of Cambridge.

At the conclusion of the event, winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded!

Here is the mailing list that will send you the latest news (use your address, rather than gmail, hotmail etc, to be granted Cambridge privileges) and here is the MIT C2C website with more details..

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Faculty leads

Dr Howard Shrobe (MIT) and Dr Frank Stajano (Cambridge)