Simon Moore

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Simon's Project Suggestions


I am generally interested in supervising bright hardware designers, particularly if they wish to dabble with self-timed. circuits.
BTW this page looks terrible if displayed with a browser with doesn't support tables, e.g. Mosaic which is no longer supported by the NCSA who wrote it (in fact you need to turn table support off in Mosaic it see the links!)
Hardware Oriented Software Oriented
*** Electronic ornaments
*** Dataflow digital signal processor (DSP)
*** Geometric hardware description language
*** Self-timed processor simulator toolkit
** Animated SrongARM
** Animated circuits
** Network monitoring in Java
** Scientific data analysis in Java
* to
Web diary
* to
Speech interface to X
** Paper based one time password systemtd
* Slides viewer for an LCD projection panel
Star ratings Further information
* fairly easy
** more challenging but nothing radical
*** research oriented
A guide to producing dissertations using LaTeX2e