Simon's Projects 1997
Software Oriented Projects:
Network monitoring
Scientific data analysis
Web diary
Speech interface for X
One time password
Slides viewer

World Wide Web Diary


There are numerous proprietary electronic diary systems. Some corporate systems allow restricted access to each individual's diary. This, for example, allows meetings to be scheduled (or at least sensible times to be suggested) by querying some public form of each participant's diary. The public form might simply indicate whether somebody is busy at a particular time perhaps with some indication of how movable other commitments might be. The model could be extended to allow different groups to obtain different elisions of a diary.


Without much thought it is apparent that there are numerous extensions. For example, the user could be reminded of a meeting by sending a message to their pager. An interface to a portable electronic organiser would also be useful together with suitable software to update changes when back at base. A supervisor might like to arrange supervisions by specifying convenient times leaving students to battle over these slots.

Previous work and new directions

There have been several versions of this project. All of the current ones have relied on a "thin client", i.e. a dumb browser. The advent of Java allows for a more intelligent client and thus a better interface.

Special resources

An account on a machine which supports WWW CGI scripts. Ideally this would be the students own private Linux box.

Possible supervisors

I've supervised this project before and am not inclined to do so again unless somebody comes up with a good variation on the theme. However, many Ph.D. students in the lab. could supervise this project.