Simon's Projects 1997
Hardware Oriented Projects:
Electronic ornaments
Dataflow DSP
Geomentric HDL
Self-timed processor simulator
Animated Strong ARM
Animated circuits

Animated Circuits


Most industrial circuit simulations take a netlist and produce waveforms describing the simulation behaviour. Whilst very useful it isn't much fun. As a teaching aid it would be much more interesting to display a circuit with input buttons and output "lights" which would allow the user to directly interact with the simulation. I would be particularly interested in a Java version which would allow me to publicise neat bits of circuit in a cool animation (OK so I'm a geek!).

Previous work

I've seen similar simulation tools (e.g. chipmunk) but not written in Java. Um.... it might be possible to used chipmunk to design circuits and then export a netlist + circuit symbols and geometries to a Java simulator.

Special resources


Possible supervisors

I may have time to supervise this project.