Dr Bogdan Roman

PictureI'm a Research Fellow in the Computer Lab, a Research Associate in the Applied Maths department, and the Director of Studies for Computer Science at Homerton College. I also chair the Computer Science Admissions Test (CSAT), which I initially designed.

Visit my homepage at the Maths department

Tel: +44 1223 (7)63791
Office: SN17

Research, Teaching

Co-lecture the Part III course on Sampling and Compressed Sensing at DAMTP. Gave a Part II lecture on wireless comms at the CL. Supervise a number of undergraduate courses.

Interested in cross-layer wireless schemes (for scalability, efficiency, harsh conditions), Software Defined Radio (SDR), multi-carrier and OFDM techniques for higher level applications, analysis of randomized algorithms.

See my DAMTP homepage for my applied maths research.

Admissions, Problems, Quizzes

I'm responsible for the Computer Science Admissions Test (CSAT). Primarily non-trivial maths. Feel free to send me your proofs, extensions or new questions.

Probability questions and puzzles. Short yet not (all) trivial. I also use them in my teaching and welcome alternative solutions, extensions or new questions.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

The MCBC wireless system I designed and implemented during my PhD has received a Microsoft Research Software Radio Academic Program Award to advance the research into multi-carrier techniques. As a result, we now have several powerful SDR equipment available for research and for Part II and MPhil projects.

Contact me if you are interested in SDR applications or projects (Part II and Mphil welcome).


During 2006-2010 I was sponsored by Girton College, the Cambridge European Trust, the Cambridge Overseas Trust and also by Felix Telecom Romania.

I'm also the author and webmaster of the Digital Technology Group website.