Computer Laboratory

Warning: these pages are currently being updated for 2016/17


This section indicates the critical dates and events throughout the year. These dates should be seen as immovable deadlines which must not be missed.1 Enter them in your diary now!

Briefing session

This is held right at the start of Full Term - the exact time and place are advertised in the lecture lists. At this session you will be told who your Overseers are and questions relating to this document can be answered.

Project Selection Report submission

A 100-word outline of your project idea must be submitted to your Overseers on the Phase 1 Project Selection Status Report form by 3:00pm on Monday 12th October.

Draft Project Proposal submission

A draft project proposal must be submitted to your Overseers by 12 noon on Friday 16th October.

Proposal submission

Project proposals must be submitted to the Student Administrator in the Computer Laboratory by 12 noon on Friday 23rd October. You should ensure that on delivery you are checked off the relevant list.

Progress Report submission

Progress Reports (two paper copies) are due in the Student Administrator’s office by 12 noon on Friday 29th January. Progress Report presentations and/or interviews with Overseers will take place over the following week or so.

Dissertation submission

Two paper copies of the dissertation must be submitted to the Student Administrator by 12 noon on Friday 13th May, two weeks before examinations start.

A PDF version of the dissertation (as a single file) is also required. This should be identical in content to the printed version. This, together with code files, must be submitted by 5pm that day.

The Student Administrator will notify all students about the procedure for submission of the PDF version of the dissertation and the code files.

A report form signed by the student’s project Supervisor and Director of Studies must be submitted to the Student Administrator by 4pm on Wednesday 18th May. The form can be found at

Viva Voce Examinations

The times of any CST viva voce examinations will be announced by 4pm on Friday 3rd June and these examinations will probably take place on Friday 10th June.

Students must arrange to be available in Cambridge for viva voce examinations.

Disposal of dissertations

After the class list has been published, you should collect one copy of your dissertation from the Student Administrator’s office. Any copies that have not been collected by the beginning of the following term will be discarded.