Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2014–15

ML Practical Classes

Principal lecturer: Prof Larry Paulson
Taken by: Part IA CST, Part IA NST, Part I PBS

Course Handouts and Information

In each of the practical slots there will be demonstrators available to assist with the tick exercises. Students should aim to do one tick per week completely within their allocated two hour slot (i.e. without having to work outside the Computer Lab). However, all of the exercises are available below, and students are free to do the work wherever they choose and in their own time (it will still be necessary to sign up for a ticking slot for each tick).

Computer scientists must do all of the unstarred ticks (1-5 inclusive). Natural scientists and PBS students must do the first four unstarred ticks (1-4 inclusive). Starred ticks (1*, 2*,...) are strictly optional and only there to challenge those who find the unstarred variant easy. They do not count for the exam.

Practical Group Timings and Allocations

Please see the Registration session pages

Tick sign up sheets (Week 7)

The sessions are now for Programming in Java but there are two ML tickers in each session for 20th November. They are tickers D,E in the 2pm session, and tickers E,F in the 4pm session. Sign up sheets:

Group A signup sheet

Group B sign up sheet