Computer Laboratory

ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes


There are two tickable exercises associated with these laboratory sessions. Details of the work to be completed are at the end of Lab. 1 and Lab. 2. Work is assessed during the laboratory sessions.


The deadlines for ticking are as follows:

Tick 1: 5pm on 11 November 2014 (Tuesday of Week 5)
Tick 2: 5pm on 2 December 2014 (Tuesday of Week 8)

Please note that Tick 2 will probably take substantially longer than Tick 1, so we recommend getting Tick 1 done well in advance of the deadline.

You are expected to stick to your chosen group (Friday or Tuesday) and receive your ticks on that day. If there are extenuating circumstances why it is not possible to get your work ticked by these deadlines you must have notified a demonstrator in advance if you are having technical problems, or for other reasons your Director of Studies should email Professor Simon Moore.

The tick list is the authoritative record, however you are also required to submit a portfolio of the work you have completed at the beginning of Lent term.

The Head of Department's Notice gives infomation about final deadlines by which your portfolio must be submitted.