Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2013–14

Topical Issues

Lecture Plan

The plan below is subject to change, as guest lecturers may be limited in their availability. However, few changes are expected at this stage.

F25/04/14Course intro, RFID and NFCRobert Harle
M28/04/14GPSRamsey Faragher
W30/04/14Internet of thingsPilgrim Beart and William Webb
F02/05/14BLERobin Heydon
M05/05/14C++Bjarne Stroustrup
W07/05/14Location, Location, LocationRobert Harle
F09/05/14GoogleMatt Stuttle
M12/05/14Inertial TrackingRobert Harle
W14/05/14WiFi FingerprintingRamsey Faragher
F16/05/14Opportunistic PositioningRamsey Faragher
M19/05/14UWB RadioRobert Harle
W21/05/14RoutesAlan Jones

Notes and Resources

Course materials will appear here after each lecture.