Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2013–14

Advanced Computer Design

Remote Access Machines

Server mido can be used remotely.

You can remotely login to the ACS machines (also mido) in the department to do your work. For login information, see:

Please note that mido uses Kerberos based authentication for access. When you login to one of the ACS workstations, a Kerberos ticket is issued. This needs to be transferred to mido using "-K" for ssh (together with -X and -C for X11 forwarding with compression), e.g. ssh -K -X -C mido or via a Computer Lab. script: cl-xon mido. If you wish to get remote access from a Windows machine, I suggest you use Quest's version of Putty which supports GSSAPI Kerberos authentication.

If you want to program an FPGA board, you need to do so on your local machine.

If you want access to graphical applications remotely, I recommend you use VNC a graphical thin client which can connect to a virtual X-server (tunnelled over a ssh link) running on a machine within the Computer Lab.:

If you want to use Bluespec remotely at the command line, you might find screen handy (e.g. see How To provided by RackAid).

Waking up mido

If mido hasn't been used for sometime then it will sleep. To wake it up use the following URL and provide your Raven credentials: