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University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
Thursday Nov 30th, 2006 - 4.30pm
Computer Laboratory > Research > Systems Research Group > NetOS > Seminars > Thursday Nov 30th, 2006 - 4.30pm

Haggle: Clean-slate networking for mobile devices

James Scott

The Haggle project is exploring networking for mobile users using local peer-to-peer wireless connections as well as infrastructure-based Internet access when available. The use of local connectivity is not well-supported in today's deployed devices and applications - for example, many users rely on USB keys for transgerring data when their devices have compatible wireless interfaces. We have created a new architecture for mobile devices that allows applications to make use of ad hoc connection opportunities as easily as they currently use infrastructure-based connectivity, by presenting a new API to application. Haggle uses graph-based naming and addressing, integrated and centralised resource management, and store-and-forward forwarding, and currently supports email and web applications, but in future will enable new classes of applications.