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Thursday March 17th, 2005 - 4:30pm
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ANS: An Autonomic Architecture for Ubiquitous Computing

Julie McCann

For this talk I will describe the operation of our ANS (Autonomic Networked Services). Like the autonomic nervous system of living creatures the ANS operates without the need for control by the user, functioning in an involuntary, reflexive manner in the background without their interference or knowledge of its mechanics. This is exactly what is needed to support ubiquitous computing environments, especially in the application of the 'intelligent home' and medical applications where constant technical support is impossible. A ubiquitous network must have a high degree of automatic adaptability and reconfigurability since it is inconceivable that we should require users to perform explicit systems management and maintenance. Therefore the ANS is self-configuring, self-optimising, and self-repairing.