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Thursday June 16th, 2005 - 4:30pm
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Torwards an accurate routing database

Kengo Nagahashi

IRR(Internet Routing Registry)s are designed for helping network operators to contact other AS (Autonomous System) including routing information such prefix, AS. Unlike other registries, e.g. domain, address registry, Internet Routing Registry is often said that noone registers routing information in IRR.

Is this argument really true? Our motivation is to validate about this argument: we verify "How percenrage of actual Internet prefixes are register in IRR database?: Can utilization of IRR be found any differencies between registries e.g. RIPE, RADB?"

We will show our result of this measurement and discuss how should we improve this accuracy. This work is cooperation with JPNIC(Japan Network Information Center).

short bio:

Kengo Nagahashi is visiting scholar at Computer Lab. He completed his Ph.D from Tokyo University, Japan in 2005 under supervision of Prof. Hiroshi Esaki. His current interests include policy based network and inter-domain routing.