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Thursday Feb 10th, 2005 - 4:30pm
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Parallax: A Virtual Storage System

Andrew Warfield

Operating system virtualization represents a fundamental change in the way clusters of computers are managed. Consider two examples: First, live OS migration allows an entire running server to be moved to a new physical host for load-balancing or maintenance. Second, check-pointing and replay allow fine-grained examination of past system states, benefiting forensic tasks such as debugging and intrusion detection.

The new capabilities afforded by OS virtualization have a considerable impact on the requirements for storage management. VM clusters have more (virtual) hosts, migration requires greater availability of data, and check-pointing means more data must be stored. In this talk, I will discuss our early work on Parallax, a distributed storage system for virtual machine clusters using local disks.

This is joint work with Keir Fraser, Steve Hand, Christian Limpach, and Russ Ross.