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Project Objectives

Pegasus II will develop, from the output of the Pegasus project, a common architecture and software environment in which general-purpose multimedia applications may be produced. The solution proposed will be appropriate for systems ranging through media file servers and workstations, to ``set top boxes''. We expect the work to have significant influence on future research in the area, and we have commercial contacts who are exhibiting interest in Pegasus II .

Currently, both in the research environment and the commercial world, there are many ad hoc, mono-application multimedia products; however, just as the now ubiquitous personal computer replaced special purpose systems for word-processing, database access, etc., the current specialist multimedia systems must ultimately be replaced by solutions based on a more generic platform. The commercial scope for such a generic platform extends beyond the usual office environment for PCs and workstations to the domestic market.

The project will improve and build upon the results of the original Pegasus in a number of ways. Important among these are:

  1. to extend the range of machines on which the Nemesis system will be available (particularly with an eye to commercial potential), and to extend the coverage of Nemesis-based services,
  2. to provide a standard environment (e.g., ) to enable the porting of current application software to Pegasus and a familiar programming environment for new (non time-critical) applications,
  3. to define and develop toolkits to provide the common scheduling, synchronisation and manipulation functions for continuous media needed by applications,
  4. to design and construct a user interface to enable intuitive interaction with the management of the network and workstation resources.

The project views close relations with industry as key to its success: the best system in the world is of little interest if it can never be used. The project will therefore encourage partners to develop their relationships with industry, specifically to maintain the targetting of the project's work. It is believed, from contact with potential commercial partners, that the project can provide second generation solutions to multimedia processing problems on a commercially-attractive timescale.

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Simon Crosby
Thu Nov 7 11:56:58 GMT 1996