HPR L/S Project: Hardware and Embedded Software Synthesis from Executable Specifications.
Compilation from .net CIL Bytecode

Kiwi: Scientific Acceleration and Logic Synthesis from .net CIL Bytecode

High-Level Synthesis from Concurrent C#.

The KiwiC compiler takes CIL bytecode (dotnet portable assembly PE files) and generates RTL circuits for FPGA (or ASIC). This bytecode is generated by Microsoft .net tools and the mcs C# compiler from the mono project.

Simple Demos

Here are some simple demos from early runs of the KiwiC compiler where illustrative C# programs are compiled to Verilog. All were compiled and run on linux and some have also been run on Windows.

Although the above examples all use the C# front end and Kiwi library, other users of the KiwiC compiler have generated their .net code from C++ using gcc4cil.

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