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Violation of Bell's inequality in classical fluid mechanics It has become popular for undergraduates to reproduce these simple experiments showing quantum-like diffraction, tunnelling and energy levels in a classical fluid. These experiments seem to fly in the face of conventional quantum theory. Ross Anderson and I reconcile these experiments with the theory. In particular we show that classical fluid mechanical systems violate Einstein's separability principle and consequently they violate Bell's inequality presentation paper.

The irrotational motion of a compressible inviscid fluid

The irrotational motion of a compressible inviscid fluid is studied in the field of analogue gravity, where its metric is compared to that in general relativity, a fluid analogue of an evaporating black hole has been realized experimentally, and there are symmetries related to the standard model. Here we show the analogy also extends quantitatively to electromagnetic and quantum mechanical phenomena. We discuss a candidate model to account for the number and precision of these analogies. [arxiv forum]

Ross Anderson and I show this approach suggests why quantum computers have so far failed to achieve their potential, and they might never do so [arxiv blog]

A gentle introduction

See these experiments first.

Videos of the presentation at Warwick university

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Q and A Presentation slides

Quasiparticle animations

Quasiparticle solutions to Euler's equation for a compressible fluid (click for animation)

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