Computer Laboratory


Award Best Paper (Computing with MetabolicMachines) at Turing 100 in Manchester (with Claudio Angione, Gianni Carapezza, Jole Costanza and Giuseppe Nicosia). The related paper is here

3rd prize awarded by the European Commission (sponsored by ERCIM) for the  "Methodological bridges for complex systems" (with E. Merelli and N. Paoletti) at the FET 11, 2011  - Future and Emerging Technologies Conference ('Science Beyond Fiction')' conference  - Budapest

2nd prize at
Dagstuhl Formal Methods in Molecular Biology (together with Andrea Bracciali, Mostafa Herajy, Chris Myers, Brett Oliver, Natal van Riel)

Faculty of 100 in 2009 : Hematopoietic stem cells reversibly switch from dormancy to self-renewal during homeostasis and repair.. Cell, 135(6), 1118-1129

Best Paper Selection for: IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2010: Biomedical Informatics: Building Capacity Worldwide Med Inform 2010:45. Re-published from BMC Bioinformatics 2009;10(Suppl 12):S6

Bioinformatics on wavelets in 2003: most downloaded paper review