EBS – Extensible bio-signal file format

Markus Kuhn

EBS is a simple binary file format for storing multi-channel time-series recordings and associated metadata. I wrote its specification in 1993 while I worked in the group of Prof. Manfred Spreng at the Institute for Physiology at the University of Erlangen, Germany. We used EBS primarily for handling EEG, MEG, and ECoG recordings from human brains. EBS is a simple general-purpose format that is also well suited for numerous other types of biomedical multi-channel time-series signals.

The web site of the research group in which we created EBS originally no longer seems to exist. As there is continued interest in and use of EBS, I have put together this web page to collect related information and links.

Even though I have not been actively involved with processing bio-signal data for a number of years, as the original principal designer of EBS, I am happy to help EBS users with answering questions where I can. I am still maintaining the standard and the associated registry of tag-number ranges assigned to individual users, and I am happy to receive suggestions for its improvement.

Quick overview of EBS

The EBS file format

More information on EBS


More information to come (please feel free to ask) ...

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