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The University of Cambridge is committed to supporting the continued improvement of the region, and I have a key role in the University delivering on that commitment.

What is the smartCAMBRIDGE programme?

The smartCAMBRIDGE programme has arisen from the UK government investment in the form of the "Greater Cambridge City Deal" in which a substantial capital sum is available to improve transportation in the region. The ultimate objective is economic benefit to the UK from these improvements.

The coordination in the region is led by Connecting Cambridgeshire, with the same principals as the City Deal, namely Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge City Council, Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership, and the University of Cambridge.

The programme broadly targets the aspects of regional development often referred to elsewhere as the "City of the Future" , i.e. while the great bulk of the regional transportation investment will be in the form of improved roads, bus lanes and cycle paths a proportion of the funds will be invested in building the communications infrastructure and digital sensor networks and control systems necessary for the future. These will position the Cambridge region at the forefront of smarter traffic flow with better informed workers and residents able to make more intelligent transportation choices.

Building the digital platform

See an overview PDF, or see the platform reported in the local news.

Or here is me talking about Rita, the real-time element of the platform at Cambridge University in June 2016:

A comprehensive technical description of the real-time Rita platform is available on GitHub