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Open Source Project Study

Candidates for Open Source Project Study

The list is not exhausted. If you take anything other than the one in the list, please discuss with me. The purpose of this assignment is to understand the prototype of the proposed architecture, algorithms, and systems through running an actual prototype and present/explain to the other people how the prototype runs, any additional work you have done including your own applications and setup process of the prototype. This experience will give you better understanding of the project. These Open Source Projects come with a set of published papers and you should be able to examine your interests in the paper through running the prototype. Some projects are rather large and may require extensive environment and time; make sure you are able to complete this assignment.

Suggested projects are in red colour font.

  1. SIENA

  2. Scribe

  3. CORAL

  4. CCN ( (note: demos in the CCNxworkshop might give you some ideas of potential small scale application on top of CCN. see

  5. P2

  6. Opis

  7. Boom

  8. Ciel, (note: Session 3 provides a tutorial of CIEL based Map/Reduce. You could write an interesting distributed application extending CIEL as a project)

  9. Apache Hadoop

  10. DryadLINQ

  11. MapReduce Online

  12. Borealis

  13. Cayuga

  14. STREAM

  15. TelegraphCQ

  16. DSN

  17. TinyDB

  18. Flask

  19. Haggle,

  20. DTN at TKK Comnet

  21. Yahoo scalable streaming query system

  22. Globule: an Open-Source Content Distribution Network

  23. XML Blaster: Open Source XML event encoding with XPath expression subscription

  24. Blakaddr

  25. Naiad: data-parallel dataflow computation

  26. Apache Giraph: Graph processing based on BSP

  27. Spark: Fast Cluter Computing

  28. GPS: A Graph Processing System

  29. GraphLab/PowerGraph: Graph Processing

  30. Phoenix System for MapReduce Programming

  31. Clousera Impala:

  32. Acunu Reflex:

  33. Medusa:

  34. Graphchi

  35. X-Stream:

  36. Storm:

  37. GraphX: