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Cycling and walking working subgroup: Suggestion submission

The University's new Cycling and Walking sub-group is seeking suggestions of improvements to cycling and walking which we could fund from this year's £100k budget (enough for 1000 cycle parking spaces). We expect this call will be oversubscribed but projects that do not make the cut this year will be considered in subsequent years.
Suggestions must reach us by 17:00 on 2018-04-30 to be considered.

Examples of possible improvements include:

  • Removing obstacles to inclusive access from footpaths
  • Removing all chicanes and other obstacles from cycle routes
  • Installing new or replacing inadequate cycle parking
  • Installing showers or drying rooms
  • Installing cycle repair stations
  • Electric cycle charging points
  • Improved signage
  • Improvements to existing or short sections of new footpaths and cycle routes.

We are also interested in problems (such as chicanes) on routes to and between sites that are on County Highways rather than University property as we intend to work with the County Council to address such issues.

Suggestions will be evaluated for feasibility, given a rough costing, and then scored and ranked by the cycling and walking subgroup. Those proposals that make the cut will then be implemented and those that do not will be carried over to next year.

We are also interested in hearing from people who are interested in setting up cycling and walking interest groups from sites other than the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and West Cambridge Site which already have CBC BUG-WAG and WCAT respectively. Email us.

Example submissions

Email addressYour nameTitle of your suggestionDescription of your suggestionLink to further informationEstimated cost (if known)
[redacted]Daniel Thomas
2005 Downing Site cycle parking plan
In 2005 a plan was drawn up to improve cycle parking on the Downing Site. Nothing was done but now this plan should be implemented. The estimated 2005 cost was £28,875, with inflation that is £42,000
[redacted]Daniel Thomas
Removal of chicane at junction of Clerk Maxwell Road
Remove the metal chicane at the junction between Clerk Maxwell Road and the shared use path that runs between the Cavendish and CAPE/William Gates Building.
[redacted]Daniel Thomas
Remove chicanes on the path through Madingley Rise to Storey's Way
Remove all the chicanes on the path through Madingley Rise to Storey's way and the gate recently installed on the path connecting this path to the north west corner of the Greenwich House site. 7 metal fences and 1 wooden gate.
[redacted]Daniel Thomas
Removal of gates from the Ridgeway
The junctions of the Ridgeway with Storey's Way and Horse Chestnut Avenues are obstructed by wooden gates. These should be removed and replaced with 4 properly designed bollards (see camcycle guidance) at each location one off the edge of each side of the path, one between the two directions of cyclist travel and one on the white line separating cyclists and pedestrians.

Other items already submitted

  • Improved cycle parking at: 17 Mill Lane, Scott Polar Research Institute, University Nursery Edwinstowe Close
  • Connections between Madingley Rise and Horse Chestnut Avenue
  • Connections between Madingley Rise and Storey's Way: segregated routes with improved lighting
  • Safer Cycling and Walking to and from Eddington
  • Secure cycle parking for: CMS pool bikes, WT/MRC building
  • A Conference bike
  • Removal of gate at the Granta Place exit of Coe Fen
  • Access to Downing Site through Downing College
  • Improvements to roads: Lensfield Road, Tennis Court Road, St Andrews Street/Downing Street junction, St Andrews Street/Emmanuel Street junction, Trumpington Road.
  • Reflectors on cattle grates on Cycle Route 11
  • Second cattle grate for cycling under Cycle bridge on Midsummer Common
  • Better signage from Coton path to WCS destinations
  • Improved lighting on Chaucer Road, Edwinstowe Close, Coe Fen, Sheep's Green/Lammas Land, pathway behind Leys School, Driftway, Brooklands Avenue.
  • Remove chicane, provide wider path and drop curb from the road that runs between British Antarctic Survey and the Schlumberger Gould Research Centre at the junction with Madingley Road.

Ineligible projects

  • Removing the wall at the junction with the Coton Path and Adams Road: This is already planned and funded.
  • Upgrading the Coton bridge: This is subject to the conclusion of the Cambourne to Cambridge busway project consultation.
  • Improvements to Grange Road, Adams Road, West Road, and Sidgwick Avenue: These are already subject to (not yet finalised) improvements funded through Section 106 contributions.

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About this survey

This survey was developed by Dr Daniel Thomas for the Cycling and Walking working subgroup of the Transport Working Group of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee. It was submitted to the Ethics Committee of the Department of Computer Science and Technology and deemed exempt from review as it is not for research purposes.