CBG SoC Design Patterns and HLS Touchstones
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SoC Design Patterns and HLS Touchstones

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"Manual coding of hardware circuits is specialised and time-consuming. But the energy saved using custom hardware compared with conventional processing, whether for video compression on a mobile phone or weather forecasting in the cloud (sic), has become very attractive. Performance can also be much higher, especially for CPU-bound (i.e. not memory-bound or I/O-bound) applications, such as encryption and prime-number factoring. And for automated stock trading the achievable low-latency is another key benefit. So today, we see a number of drivers for taking easy-to-write software and mapping it to a hardware circuit. This process is generally called `High-level Synthesis' or HLS." - David J Greaves, 2017.


  • SoC D&M Patterns Portfolio (PDF)

  • High-Level Synthesis Slides (HTML)

  • High-Level Synthesis Notes (PDF)

    External Links

    HiPEAC 2013 A Fast and Stand-alone HLS Methodology for Hardware Accelerator Generation Under Resource Constraints Prost-Boucle, Muller, Rousseau.