Andrew W. Moore - Code & Cruft


PCIe-bench: A tool to understand PCIe implementations (since 2017) Project Webpage

NetFPGA; Open Source hardware and software for network and systems research and education, jointly led since 2010 and led from Cambridge Project Webpage

Open Source Network Tester (OSNT); a package of hardware and software tools permitting industrial quality network testing and evaluation with an ambition of promoting reproducibility in (network) research (since 2013) Project Webpage

CONfigurable Transceiver Energy uSage Toolkit (CONTEST); a toolkit that allows the characterisation of the energy consumption of the physical layer of optical transceivers using real network traffic (2012) Project Webpage

Selena; a framework that uses Xen to provide high-performance and high-fidelity reproduction of Network Experiments (2013) Project Webpage

Weighted Spectral Distribution Toolkit; is a matlab toolbox for use with undirected graphs including obtaining the best fit (in the weighted spectral sense) of a topology generator to a target graph (since 2009) Project Webpage

Ground Truth Verification System (GTVS): a toolkit for assisting in the labelling of network traffic data sets (2007-2010) Project Webpage

FullStats; Code to permit creation of feature-lists (suitable for Machine-Learning) from network data (2007-2010) and AtoZ; a combination of hardware and software that performs application-specific identification of network traffic (2007-2010) Project Webpage

GRIDprobe/Nprobe: Network protocol analysis (2002-2007) Project Webpage

Cruft (Datasets)