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Course pages 2023–24

Theories of Socio-digital Design for Human Centred AI

The three asssessed elements of this module are as follows.

A. Diary

The reflective diary is a single submission structured as 7 dated entries of < 200 words each. (Contributing 60% of the overall module grade).

These entries should document your personal interpretation of the topic of each seminar, as it relates to your prior academic or professional experience, or to research opportunities and plans for the future. There is no need to attempt a comprehensive summary of the seminar readings or content.

Weekly draft entries may optionally be submitted via Moodle. Occasional informal feedback may be given, including a letter-grade indication of likely assessment band. At the end of the term, all 7 entries should be bound together into a single PDF document for formal assessment. Any text submitted in earlier draft entries may be revised for inclusion in this final assessed version.

B. Commentaries

There are 7 reading commentaries to be submitted weekly, each < 200 + 20 words as described below. (In total contributing 20% of the overall module grade).

The main text of the commentary (< 200 words) should discuss the readings set for discussion on the following day. At least one of the 7 main texts should be generated using an LLM. At least one should be drafted without using an LLM. You are free to choose how many (from 0 to 5) of the other texts is written either manually or using an LLM. The manual texts should be drafted in a style that makes them, to your best ability, indistinguishable from LLM output. You should not declare or reveal to the lecturer which of the texts has been produced in one way or the other.

If prepared correctly, all LLM-style text, however produced, will receive a grade of 74%, reflecting the assessment criterion for the 70-74% band: "Clearly presented. Evidence of understanding, but may contain some faults. Execution basically good”. If any manually produced text fails to achieve the objective of emulating LLM output, a lower grade may be awarded.

In addition to the main text of < 200 words, each commentary should end with a final statement of < 20 words, which will be used to assess critical thought, insight, creativity and original interpretation extending beyond taught material (i.e. criterion bands from 75-100%).

C. Critical Review

The critical review is a single essay of < 1,000 words. (Contributing 20% of the overall module grade).

You should write a short essay on one of the seven individual seminar themes. You are welcome to choose the topic to follow your own interests. This essay should develop an original argument starting from the seminar readings, including critical evaluation, novel interpretation, and/or potential for application and extension of the seminar material. The essay should include a title and bibliography (not included in word count). An abstract is not required, but you may add a short summary generated by an LLM (not counted or assessed).

Submission Deadlines

The dates of all formal submission deadlines for the above assignments are as advertised on Moodle.