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Course pages 2023–24

Introduction to Natural Language Syntax and Parsing

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Session Content

Session 1: Course Intro, Morphosyntax
Session 2: Discussion of annotation task 1. PoS sequence labelling
Session 3: Debate 1 (PoS tags). Consitiuency, heads and PS-grammar
Session 4: Discussion of annotation task 2. PCFGs and CKY
Session 5: Debate 2 (Consituency). Arguments, adjuncts and long distance dependencies
Session 6: Discussion of annotation task 3. Dependency Grammar
Session 7: Debate 3 (Universal Dependencies). Dependency Parsing
Session 8: Discussion of annotation task 4. Categorial Grammars I
Session 9: Debate 4 (CCG vs Dep grammar). Categorial Grammars II
Session 10: Parsing efficiency
Session 11: Debate 5 (NLP tech). N-best parsing
Session 12: N-best parsing and parsing accuracy
Session 13: Debate 6 (NLP evaluation). Parser accuracy and evaluation
Session 14: Discussion of assessed practical exercise. Parsing evaluation
Session 15: Features and Unification
Session 16: Semantic Parsing

Useful Links

Ted Briscoe's Technical Report on the RASP Parser

Penn Treebank tagging manual (Santorini 1990)