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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Cloud Computing

Course pages 2021–22

Cloud Computing


  • Assignment 1, worth 70% of the final mark. Develop batch processing applications running on a cluster assessed through automatic testing, code inspection and a report.
    Release: 4/2/2022, 13:00 Deadline: 4/3/2022, 13:00
  • Assignment 2, worth 20% of the final mark: Design and develop a framework for running the batch processing applications from Assignment 1 on a cluster according to certain resource allocation policies. This assigment will be assessed by an expert, testing, code inspection and a report.
    Release: 25/2/2022, 13:00 Deadline: 11/3/2022, 13:00
  • Assignment 3, worth 10% of the final mark: Write two individual project reports describing your work for assignments 1 and 2. Reports will be submitted with each assignment.