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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Algorithms 2

Course pages 2021–22


There is only one compulsory tick for Algorithms 2. Submission is on Moodle.

  • Tick 3: maximum flow (lecture 16 / section 6.2) — due 12 March

There are also optional ticks, so you can challenge yourself further. (These are new this year. In the past few years, students have asked for more coding assignments, and I have now obliged. Don't feel pressured to do them — these are only for students who actively want to do more coding!) Submission is again on Moodle.

  • ex4-bfs: breadth-first search (example sheet 4)
  • ex5-match: matchings (section 6.4)
  • challenge 2: finding order (section 6.6)
  • More to come …

There is a Q&A forum on Moodle for any questions about the ticks.


The compulsory tick forms part of your final grade for the year, as per the departmental marking scheme. We expect that nearly all students will complete all compulsory ticks. To complete a tick, you must pass the Moodle tester by the deadline listed above. If you have a good reason for not being able to complete the tick on time, please contact your Director of Studies, who will decide whether you may request an extension.

The lecturer will select some students for a one-on-one "viva". This is your chance to show off the elegance of your coding, and to discuss it with the lecturer! I regret I can't offer this to all students. You can volunteer on Moodle. Details of who has been selected will be provided after the Tick 3 deadline.

Ticks are based on an honour code. You are welcome to discuss the problems with your fellow students, or with your supervisor, but you MUST implement your code yourself and you MUST be able to explain how it works. The lecturers will randomly select some further students for a viva, for auditing.