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Quantum Computing
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Quantum Computing

Principal lecturer: Dr Anuj Dawar
Taken by: Part II, Part II (General), Diploma

Past exam questions

Course Notes:
Note that the order of lectures is slightly different from that given in the syllabus.

Lecture 1 Bits and Qubits
Lecture 2 Review of Linear Algebra
Lecture 3 Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 4 Models of Quantum Computation
Lecture 5 Applications of Quantum Information
Lecture 6 Quantum Searching
Lecture 7 Quantum Factoring
Lecture 8 Quantum Automata and Complexity

Exercise Sheets:

Exercise Sheet 1
Exercise Sheet 2 - Note: corrected version, posted on 13th Feb.

The course is constantly under development, so your feedback would be very valuable.
Please fill in the lecture course feedback form.

Useful Links:
There is a large number of introductory and survey articles available on Quantum Computing, many of them online. A useful list of some of these is available here.

The Dilbert strip on quantum computers is here.