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Principal lecturer: Kate Taylor
Taken by: Part IB

Past exam questions

Assessed exercise

The Prolog assessed exercise may be downloaded here.

Part IB students are required to submit either the Prolog programming exercise or the C & C++ programming exercise.

The C & C++ programming exercise will be released by the lecturer of that course towards the end of that course.

You must submit your answer by 12 noon on 27 April 2007.

You must submit your answer by e-mail to either prolog-tick (at) cl.cam.ac.uk or c-tick (at) cl.cam.ac.uk as appropriate.

Your answer must consist of the following files:

  • "answers.txt": a plain ASCII text file containing textual answers to the questions set out in the tick.
  • source files as requested in the relevant tick.

Please package the above files into a single ZIP file labelled with your CRSID. For example arb33.zip. If you have any problems with this requirement please contact the appropriate e-mail address above in good time before the deadline.

You will be informed whether you have received your tick by 11 May 2007. If you have not received your tick then you may resubmit a corrected answer to the same e-mail address any time up to 12 noon on Friday 25 May 2007. The assessors will attempt to mark any resubmissions as quickly as possible but there is no guarantee that they will complete the marking of resubmissions before the final deadline of 25 May 2007. This means that there is no guarantee that anyone will be able to make a third attempt at the exercise, having failed on the first two attempts.

As stated in the Head of Department's announcement according with Regulation 14 for the Computer Science Tripos, no submissions or resubmissions will be accepted after 12 noon on Friday 25 May 2007.