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Computer Science Part IA (50% option)
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Computer Science Part IA (50% option)



Digital Electronics
Dr Ian Wassell (Michaelmas Term)
Discrete Mathematics I
Prof Peter Robinson (Michaelmas Term)
Foundations of Computer Science
Prof Larry Paulson (Michaelmas Term)
Hardware Practical Classes
Dr David Greaves (Michaelmas Term)
How to Study Computer Science
Dr Neil Dodgson (Michaelmas Term)
Operating Systems
Dr Martin Richards (Michaelmas Term)
Discrete Mathematics II
Dr Marcelo Fiore (Lent Term)
Discrete Mathematics Seminars
Dr Marcelo Fiore (Lent Term)
Programming in Java
Dr Arthur Norman (Lent Term)
Regular Languages and Finite Automata
Prof Andrew Pitts (Lent Term)
Software Design
Dr Alan Blackwell (Lent Term)
Algorithms I
Dr Keir Fraser (Easter Term)
Computer Perspectives
Mr Nigel Bailey (Easter Term)
Part IB Assessed Exercise Briefing
Dr Arthur Norman (Easter Term)
Professional Practice and Ethics
Dr Richard Jennings (Easter Term)