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Digital Signal Processing
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Digital Signal Processing

Principal lecturer: Dr Markus Kuhn
Taken by: Part II

Past exam questions

This 12-h lecture course is an introduction into Digital Signal Processing, with a particular focus on audio-visual coding techniques, specifically aimed at third-year Computer Science students. Lectures are 2006 November 3 to 29 (M/W/Fr), 10:00–11:00 in Lecture Theatre 2.

[!] Thanks for your interest in the course. Please do fill out the course evaluation form and provide feedback!

Study materials


Problems in the printed handouts that are fixed in the above PDFs:

  • DSP slide 31: the footnote should of course read “j2 = −1” (the minus was missing)
  • DSP slides 86, 87, 89: Missing scale factor added to formula for h
  • DSP slide 96: In the first sum, ak should read al
  • DSP slide 111: Exercise 15 refers to exercise 14 (not 10)
  • DSP slide 112: “nominator” should read “numerator”
  • DSP slide 162: “final output of the DFT” should read “final output of the DWT”
  • DSP slides 146, 170–172: colour-space diagrams are hardly meaningful on a black-and-white printout; best view the PDF on a colour display
  • DSP slide 192: “wavelength transform” should read “wavelet transform”

Special thanks to Robert Furber, Anton Lokhmotov, Christian Richardt, and Sergei Skorobogatov for feedback.

Demonstration and exercise materials

The material on audio-visual coding (last 4 lectures) was presented in previous years as part of the Part II Information Theory and Coding course. Therefore, exam questions 2003 Paper 7 Question 8 (a), 2004 Paper 7 Question 8 (c,d), 2004 Paper 8 Question 10 (c), and 2005 Paper 8 Question 10 (d) of that course are also related to material now covered in Part II DSP.

Solution notes

[Available to Part II students sometimes after end of lectures.]

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