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Concurrent Systems and Applications
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Concurrent Systems and Applications

Principal lecturer: Dr John Fawcett
Taken by: Part IB

Past exam questions are in several places: [ConcurrentSystemsandApplications] [ConcurrentSystems]

The 2006 version of the notes is available as a PDF.

The code given for the RMI example in lecture 23 is here: tar.bz2 or tgz or zip.

It remains the case that students are strongly recommended to write their own programs to experiment with the all the ideas in the Concurrent Systems and Applications course: reflection, serialization, design patterns, ... through to Generics. As with previous years, suggestions are made in the lectures and there are further example exercises to be found in the notes at the end of each lecture. There is no better way to learn about the concepts of programming languages than to put them into practice.

Changes to the course over the years...

This year's lectures expand on previous years' discussion of Java RMI: the lectures include more examples and demos. The 2006 version of the course also adds new material on C# and Microsoft's Common Language Runtime environment.

The 2005 version of the Concurrent Systems and Applications course provided more details on Generics in Java and more examples, and introduced the material on Software Testing (which was not previously included in the Tripos at all).

The 2004 version of the Concurrent Systems and Applications course brought the course up-to-date in several aspects and changed the emphasis of Section One of the course to take account of changes in the syllabus of the Part IA Java course.