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Policy on lecture course material pages
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With the proliferation of lecturers who wish to place material on the web, the Laboratory has decided to rationalise location and management of individual course web pages.

Each year a new set of directories is created to ensure that outdated material is not left in the main student access path. Each course now has its own directory, which this year can be found at:

A template file, index.tmpl, has been placed in the directory, containing basic information about the course. The main index file, index.html, is derived from the template file. A principal lecturer has been assigned for each course. This person is the owner of the directory and of all the files in it and is responsible for the content of the directory. He or she is encouraged to add appropriate files to the directory and to modify index.tmpl so that students can access these files. To recreate the index.html file from the index.tmpl file, run the UNIX command:
/anfs/www/html/UoCCL/template/ index

Information on writing HTML is available.