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Index of courses by lecturer name
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Index of courses by lecturer name

Please check the official timetables for timetable details.

Computer Perspectives (Michaelmas Term)
Quantum Computing (Lent Term)
Databases (Easter Term)

Prof Ross Anderson
Group Projects (Michaelmas Term)
Security (Michaelmas Term)
Software Engineering I (Lent Term)
Economics and Law (Easter Term)

Dr Jean Bacon
Operating System Foundations (Michaelmas Term)
Distributed Systems (Easter Term)

Dr Alan Blackwell
HCI (Michaelmas Term)
Software Engineering and Design (Michaelmas Term)
Software Engineering II (Easter Term)

Dr Ann Copestake
Natural Language Processing (Lent Term)

Prof Jon Crowcroft
Digital Communications II (Michaelmas Term)

Dr John Daugman
Information Theory and Coding (Michaelmas Term)
Computer Vision (Lent Term)

Dr Neil Dodgson
Advanced Graphics (Michaelmas Term)
Computer Graphics and Image Processing (Lent Term)

Dr John Fawcett
Concurrent Systems and Applications (Michaelmas Term)

Dr Richard Gibbens
Computer Systems Modelling (Michaelmas Term)
Continuous Mathematics (Michaelmas Term)

Prof Mike Gordon
Specification and Verification I (Michaelmas Term)
Specification and Verification II (Easter Term)

Dr David Greaves
Structured Hardware Design (Easter Term)

Dr Steven Hand
Advanced Systems Topics (Lent Term)
Operating Systems II (Lent Term)
Operating Systems I (Easter Term)

Dr Sean Holden
Artificial Intelligence II (Michaelmas Term)
Artificial Intelligence I (Easter Term)

Prof Andy Hopper
Additional Topics (Lent Term)

Dr Richard Jennings
Professional Practice and Ethics (Michaelmas Term)

Dr Frank King
Long Vacation Programming Course (Long Vacation Term)
Foundations of Programming (Michaelmas Term)
Probability (Lent Term)

Dr Markus Kuhn
Unix Tools (Michaelmas Term)
Introduction to Security (Lent Term)
Digital Signal Processing (Easter Term)

Mr Jack Lang
Business Studies (Easter Term)
E-Commerce (Easter Term)

Prof Ian Leslie
Digital Communications I (Lent Term)

Dr Pietro Lio
Bioinformatics (Lent Term)

Dr Ken Moody
Mathematics for Computation Theory (Michaelmas Term)

Dr Simon Moore
Computer Design (Michaelmas Term)
Digital Electronics (Michaelmas Term)
ECAD (Michaelmas Term)
ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes (Michaelmas Term)

Dr Alan Mycroft
Compiler Construction (Lent Term)
Optimising Compilers (Lent Term)

Dr Arthur Norman
Learning Day (Michaelmas Term)
Complexity Theory (Lent Term)
Programming in Java (Lent Term)
Foundations of Functional Programming (Easter Term)

Dr Mike O'Donohoe
Numerical Analysis I (Michaelmas Term)
Numerical Analysis II (Lent Term)

Prof Larry Paulson
Foundations of Computer Science (Michaelmas Term)
Logic and Proof (Michaelmas Term)

Prof Andrew Pitts
Types (Michaelmas Term)
Computation Theory (Lent Term)
Regular Languages and Finite Automata (Lent Term)

Dr Ian Pratt
Hardware Practical Classes (Michaelmas Term)
Comparative Architectures (Lent Term)

Dr Martin Richards
Data Structures and Algorithms (Michaelmas Term)
Introduction to Algorithms (Michaelmas Term)
Java Case Study (Michaelmas Term)
Comparative Programming Languages (Lent Term)

Dr Peter Robinson
Discrete Mathematics (Michaelmas Term)
VLSI Design (Michaelmas Term)

Mr Russell Ross
Introduction to Functional Programming (Lent Term)

Dr Peter Sewell
Semantics of Programming Languages (Lent Term)

Dr Simone Teufel
Information Retrieval (Lent Term)

Prof Glynn Winskel
Denotational Semantics (Michaelmas Term)
Discrete Mathematics (Lent Term)
Discrete Mathematics Seminars (Lent Term)
Topics in Concurrency (Lent Term)