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Principal lecturer: Dr George Taylor
Taken by: Part IB

Past exam questions are in several places: [ECAD] [ECADTopics]

Contacting the lecturer

I am no longer with the Computer Laboratory. To contact me please send email to Please send your email from within the domain otherwise it may be interpreted as spam.


The lecture notes are handed out at the first lecture. Further copies should be available from Lise Gough (

Related workshops

Please see ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes.


Slides 4-5 and slies 4-6 contain a signal "ck" which should be signal "CLK" - the clock input.

Additional examples

Additional examples will appear here as the course progresses.
Counter with NRZsignalling (PDF)
ADC controller circuit from lecture 4 (PDF)
ROBDD example from lecture 6 (PDF) (corrected version)
Quine McCLuskey example from lecture 6 (PDF)

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Examination information

There is just one ECAD question in the Part 1b Tripos.