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Advanced Systems Topics
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Advanced Systems Topics

Principal lecturer: Dr Steven Hand
Taken by: Part II

Advanced operating systems

This section of the course will cover distributed and persistent virtual memory, capability systems, microkernel evolution, virtual machine monitors, extensibility and filesystem & database storage.

Scalable synchronization

Decentralised Computing

This section of Advanced Systems Topics is about decentralized computing, or those aspects of distributed computing that make life hard.

There are five lectures, covering 3 aspects of such systems. The top and tail of the lectures are about peer-to-peer systems, with a brief introduction with history from napster to kazaa, then there is a guest slot from the Intel lab here, about Internet coordinate systems and service discovery, which allow one to optimise dicentralised systems for latency, or other target performance parameters; Then we have a talk from the Lab for Communications Engineering, about ubiquitous systems and the impact on security; following that there is a lecture on two different algorithms for content request routing, based on two Distributed Hash Table Techniques, namely CAN (a multi-dimension hash) and Pastry (based on Plaxton prefix routing); finally, we wrap up with a guest slot from Microsoft Research Cambridge, on comparing unstructured p2p systems (the ones every one uses) with structured ones (the ones everyone researchers, e.g. Pastry, CAN and others)