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Principal lecturer: Dr George Taylor (
Taken by: Part IB

Past exam questions


The lecture notes and laboratory workshop instructions are handed out at the first lecture. Further copies are available from Lise Gough (


There are 3 ECAD workshops associated with this course and a further 3 architecture workshops associated with Computer Design. See ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes for workshop material including an online tick list.


Slide 3-17: inv_ra should read ~ra.
Slide 5-9: The last question should be "should the state of the bus ever go to x and what might the implications be if it does?". If the bus is z then the output after the buffer will be x. If the the bus itself is x, this could occur if both tristate buffers were enabled at the same time, with differing 1 and 0 inputs. The drivers will be competing with each other and a lot of current might be consumed perhaps causing damage.
Slide 5-16: The time column should say '100' instead of '10'.

Additional examples

Counter with NRZ signalling (PDF)
ADC controller circuit from lecture 4 (PDF)
ROBDD example from lecture 6 (PDF)
Quine McCLuskey example from lecture 6 (minor error in step 2 corrected)(PDF)
Quine McCLuskey example from lecture 6 (with minor error in step 2)(PDF)

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Examination information

Practical Work Assessed

ECAD and Architecture Workshops 1 to 3 are assessed as part of the ECAD course (Workshops 4 to 6 are assessed as part of the Computer Design course).

Tripos Question

There is just one ECAD question on the Part 1b Tripos.