Continuous Mathematics

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Lecturer: Dr J.G. Daugman (

This course is a prerequisite for Computer Vision (Part II and Diploma), Information Theory and Coding (Part II) and Neural Computing (Part II).


The aims of this course are to review some key concepts and operations defined in continuous mathematics involving real- and complex-valued functions of real variables. Focus is on the use and implementation of these notions in the discrete spaces we enter when computing. Topics include: expansions and basis functions; orthogonality and projections; differential equations and their computational solution; linear operators and their eigenfunctions; wavelets and Fourier analysis.



At the end of the course students should

Reference books

Kaplan, W. (1992). Advanced Calculus. Addison-Wesley (4th ed.).
Oppenheim, A.V. & Willsky, A.S. (1984). Signals and Systems. Prentice-Hall.

Lecturer: Dr John Daugman (
Taken by: Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma
Number of lectures: 4
Lecture location: Heycock Room
Lecture times: 11:00 on MWF starting 25-Nov-98

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