Computer Laboratory

Course material 2010–11

Policy on lecture course material pages

Most lecturers now place material for their students on the web. To support this, the Laboratory creates each year a new set of directories, to ensure that outdated material is not left in the main student access path.

Each course has its own directory, which this year can be found at:


External lecturers: In order to access the above directory on our central fileserver from outside the Computer Laboratory, you first need to log in to one of our Linux servers (usually:, using a secure shell client (e.g., ssh, scp, putty, winscp). If you do not have this setup already, please contact, and provide them with an ssh public key and the IP addresses from which you want to login, and they will set up everything for you. Note that password-based login from outside the Computer Laboratory is disabled, hence the need to set up public-key authentication. See our sys-admin ssh pages for details.

An easy to edit, undecorated, “bare-bones” HTML file, index-b.html, has been placed in the directory, containing basic information about the course. The main index file, index.html, is automatically generated from that file. A principal lecturer has been assigned for each course. This person is the owner of the directory and of all the files in it and is responsible for the content of the directory. He or she is encouraged to add appropriate files to the directory and to modify index-b.html so that students can access these files. To recreate the index.html file from the index-b.html file, run the UNIX command:

  /anfs/www/tools/bin/ucampas index

(Simply typing “make” will achieve the same, thanks to the also provided Makefile.)

The subdirectory is for materials only intended for supervisors (who have to authenticate themselves via Raven), such as solution notes for exercises. Edit the file supervisors/.htaccess in order to grant access to individual supervisors that contact you, as explained in the comments in that file. (This file also explains how you can grant access to your students after the end of lectures and supervisions.)

Where practical, contributing additional lecturers also have write access to the course materials directory (via the Unix group permission bits).

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